1. Sishya: What is DJ Gaadi?

Guru: Sishya, DJ Gaadi is a ground travel online platform which allows people to find and book the best deals on inter-city bus travel.

Either online at www.djgaadi.in or through the free DJ Gaadi app for Android, travelers can get the most convenient and cost-effective itineraries across numerous bus in Odisha.

DJ Gaadi partners include some of the largest ground travel companies who help them to provide best services regularly.

2. Sishya: How do I search for a trip?

Guru: Sishya, really DJ Gaadi is easy and best of all for search free! All you have to do is type in your departure and arrival locations in STARTING LOCATION and DROPOFF LOCATION box given as search box, as well as the desired dates for your trip and click on the "FIND A TRANSFER" button then DJ Gaadi instantly searches through numbers of schedules, routes, and buses to get you exactly where you need to go. After you have chosen your preferred travel option, you can select the number of passengers that will be traveling before heading to the checkout form.

3. Sishya: What locations does DJ Gaadi currently cover?

Guru: DJ Gaadi covers many routes of Odisha. They are targeting to reach each and every town of Odisha as soon as possible because they want "Digital Odisha".

DJ Gaadi is growing every day and they do their best to serve your travel plans. If you have routes you would like to see on DJ Gaadi, please contact them at +91-9090646636 or +91-9337446787, otherwise, you can also mail them at support@djgaadi.in or djgaadi@gmail.com. DJ Gaadi also assures to come up with the result as soon as possible and will notify you.

4. Sishya: DJ Gaadi didn't find results for my trip. Help!

Guru: Sishya doesn't worry! They are constantly expanding their coverage, both in the number of buses and routes. Please let them know what route you are unable to find trip options for and they will work on finding a partner that covers it, so you can travel for cheap and hassle-free. Feel free to contact them at +91-9090646636 or +91-9337446787, otherwise, you can also mail them at support@djgaadi.in or djgaadi@gmail.com.

5. Sishya: Does DJ Gaadi sell bus tickets directly?

Guru: No. DJ Gaadi does not sell or issue tickets directly. They aggregate all of the best bus operators into an easy-to-use search platform and, once you select your preferred bus for a trip, they link you with them to buy your bus ticket. This way, if you ever have questions about your ticket or need to cancel the ticket, the DJ Gaadi will serve you as per the guidelines provided by the bus operators directly. This also means that when you buy a ticket, it is covered by the terms & conditions of the bus operator conducting the trip.

6. Sishya: I haven't received my Gaadi Tickets. Where did they go? What to do?

Guru: Don't worry Sishya! If your tickets are issued and you saw "payment successful" pop-up then you should check your mail. Please allow at least 30 minutes from your reservation to receive the Gaadi Tickets. If it has been more than 30 minutes and you still haven’t received your Gaadi Tickets, please check your Spam or Junk folder as it can sometimes get filtered there. Still nothing?

Don't worry... Clink on this and get your tickets.

Do you have details about your Gaadi Ticket there? If No, just contact them at +91-9090646636 or +91-9337446787, otherwise, you can also mail them at support@djgaadi.in or djgaadi@gmail.com and give them your confirmation number.

7. Sishya: What forms of payment can I use to purchase my Gaadi Tickets? Can I pay with cash?

Guru: DJ Gaadi is a dedicated online marketplace to have a digital Odisha for which they allow you to book bus tickets online with the bus operators of your preference. As DJ Gaadi isn't in the operation of any bus, they are unable to take cash. They accept debit cards, credit cards, internet banking and other ways for online payments to purchase tickets online directly. Upon your booking, you will receive an instant Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket) in your E-mail and SMS in your given mobile number.

Booking online at www.djgaadi.in will give you a guaranteed dream seat on your preferred dream bus. They never suggest paying cash at the bus stop as this means you don't have a reservation.

If you would like to buy your ticket with cash, you can do that at the bus station but keep in mind that prices are usually significantly higher when you buy at the station and you may run the risk of sold-out bus tickets and you may not get your preferred seat over there. However, DJ Gaadi will not be responsible at any cost if cash payment is not available at any bus stations.

Advantages of online booking:

Once a Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket) is purchased both the passenger name and CN (Confirmation Number) are recorded in the suppliers online booking list. Either you (purchased customer), DJ Gaadi or the service provider has the ability to retrieve the online Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket).

8. Sishya: I'm having the technical issues with using the site or DJ Gaadi app. Help!

Guru: Do you know, DJ Gaadi uses a lot of cutting-edge technologies to make your travel searching easier, so you might need to update your browser to view the site properly. They highly recommend you for using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer of the updated version. If you are using an older browser, they highly recommend you to upgrade it.

If you experience other hiccups that you don’t think are browser related, please contact and report them. They are constantly improving their service and would love to know how they can make that better. If you report an issue, please let them know as many details as possible, including the browser version and operating system you are using. If you are using their app, please let them know what part of the process you had an issue with. They have their team to start working on it and to fix it right away.

Do you have a modern browser but still experiencing problems?

Please contact them and let them know what the problem is, so they can assist you with your trip and fix any issues you might be experiencing. Please provide them with as much detail as possible.

9. Sishya: Am I allowed to bring a pet on the bus?

Guru: No, however, operators do allow trained service animals that help disabled passengers to perform necessary activities. Service animals must be properly harnessed and should be under the direct control of the owner at all times. Before admitting customers for bus travel with service animals, bus staffs are permitted to ask if the animal is required, because of a disability and what type of work or task the animal has been trained to perform.

10. Sishya: Guidelines for unaccompanied minors traveling on a bus?

Guru: Any passenger under the age of five (5) must be accompanied by a passenger of at least eighteen (18) years age at all times. For minors [children between the age of six (6) and eighteen (18) years of age] traveling alone, parents must sign a consent letter, otherwise, parents will solely responsible for any type of issues done by them. Parents can mail their consent letter to djgaadi@gmail.com or support@djgaadi.in.

11. Sishya: What is the general bus policy?

Guru: For general information about the bus policies check this page. Privacy Policy.

However, each bus operators lies its own policy and the exact rules and regulations will depend on the service provider with whom you are traveling. Before you go for the payment gateway, the terms and conditions for the specified bus will show up.

12. Sishya: Guruji, Can I buy Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket) for a friend?

Guru: Yes, enter your friend’s name into the “Passenger Name” field. If you put your friend’s e-mail into the corresponding field. He or she can receive the Gaadi Ticket (E-Ticket) directly by email and also in his or her mobile number for Gaadi Ticket (E-Ticket).

13. Sishya: How can I retrieve my Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket)?

Guru: You may use the link Gaadi Ticket

14. Sishya: Can I cancel my Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket)?

Guru: Yes, Gaadi Tickets can be canceled within a specified time. Duplicate bookings are non-refundable as those seats have been removed from the sales inventory. If a passenger cancels his or her Gaadi Ticket with such specified period he/she will get some refund as per mentioned on the cancellation policy for the same ticket.

15. Sishya: Is there any proper and fixed schedule of a bus?

Guru: The bus operators will make every effort to operate according to published schedules. The bus operator or DJ Gaadi is not liable for delays caused by traffic, accidents, mechanical issues, road conditions or service weather and do not guarantee arrival at or departure from any point at any specific time.

16. Sishya: Do I need to print out my Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket)?

Guru: They recommend you to bring a print out when boarding the bus. But, you can show the Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket) to the bus conductor on your phone or any other electronic device.

17. Sishya: How many luggage is allowed?

Guru: Most bus operators didn’t specify any fixed piece of check-in luggage to be taken by you while traveling but it wholly depends upon the bus staffs. However, DJ Gaadi didn’t charge you for your luggage while traveling.

18. Sishya: Can I bring a bicycle or bike on the bus?

Guru: Bus carriers will transport a bicycle or bike on a space available basis, but can’t be guaranteed they can be transported.

19. Sishya: Can I reserve a Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket) without advance payment?

Guru: No, DJ Gaadi will only issue Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket) with the bus operator of your preference once the payment has been submitted. They are unable to hold a Gaadi Ticket (E-ticket) without payment.

20. Sishya: Is it necessary to take any identity proof while traveling?

Guru: Yes, they recommend you to bring a Government Identity proof for name verification. As per bus operators norms, their staffs will check your identity proof at any time for verification purpose. Be aware while providing passenger details as it must be the same as the details in Government identity proof.

Identity proof includes Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License, Passport, Company identity card.